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The Theriault House is housing that will be a safe place for homeless families with children 0 to 5 years old to recuperate after being discharged from the hospital. The families will be immediately housed and receive critical assistance in caring for their sick child. In addition to medical stabilization, the families will be assessed and a comprehensive plan will be developed to connect them to permanent housing through Orange County’s Coordinated Entry System.

We believe that being without a home, should not prevent an individual from accessing healthcare.

HomeAid's Role

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Development Team

Success Stories

An Opportunity to End Homelessness

As Chief Development Officer of HomeAid Orange County and having been part of this organization for almost 22 years, I absolutely love what we do. I am passionate about HomeAid’s mission because of the holistic approach we take to ending homelessness, from developing housing to creating community awareness to providing resources for those who are experiencing homelessness. Addressing homelessness from these various angles enables people to move from the streets to self-sufficiency. "HomeAid Ora...
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Rebuilding Families

Rebuilding Families

As a parent, you are constantly worrying about how to protect and provide for your children, often putting their life and needs above your own. All you want is the best for them. But what if you were struggling to meet even the most basic needs for your family? This is the disposition of families who are experiencing homelessness. Every year, thousands of families experience homelessness in Orange County and their first question is, “Where will my children and I go?” To help answer that questio...
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A Fighting Chance

Homelessness: A Veteran's Strategy

I am an Orange County resident who is very fortunate to have a supportive family and a great career. I served eight years and four deployments in the U.S. Marine Corps. I was able to escape homelessness in my youth and had challenges as a military veteran, but I was able to persevere. Early on in my life, my parents suffered from drug addiction and it negatively impacted my childhood. I would spend as much time as possible with my grandfather to ease the impacts from my parents’ drug use. My ...
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How You Can Help


Sharing the story of Theriault House will help us in our fight to end homelessness. Help us celebrate how homeless families have transformed their lives.