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FAM was founded in 1999 by Ellen Gilchrist to accommodate the families that a local church was no longer able to serve. The vision of FAM is to help people on the brink of homelessness to become self-sufficient. Ultimately, our focus is prevention. Today FAM provides food, shelter, and client aid to tens of thousands in South Orange County. We provide assistance for utilities, transportation, medical, dental, and prescription drugs, as well as financial counseling, free income tax preparation and collaboration with other social services organizations to provide referrals and medical screenings, immunizations, eye glasses, and much more! FAM also sheltered 60 women—many with young children—in our interim/transitional shelter, Gilchrist House.

Our Mission is to move people from dependency to self-sufficiency by providing necessary living items (such as shelter and food) and training (including financial counseling and job coaching).

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Success Stories

Marlena's Story

Marlena is a single mother with two children who recently escaped an abusive relationship. But after losing one of the two jobs she was holding down to make ends meet, she could no longer afford her rent. An eviction followed, which led to a state of homelessness. After a police outreach team met Marlena, they helped find her a temporary shelter for domestic violence victims, but it wasn’t a permanent home. Fortunately, the police outreach team also connected Marlena to the Family Solutions Coll...
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Monique's Story

Monique's Story

On a summer night in 2017, in a dark McDonalds parking lot, nearly empty while the fast food hotspot is closed, there sits one, small car. Inside the car are three people: Monique Lewis, Micah Lewis, and Monet Lewis. Micah and Monet are Monique’s two young kids. That night, the three of them don’t have a place to sleep, Monique’s car is their only option for shelter. So, the three of them pile in, drive to the empty McDonald’s parking lot, and do their best to sleep in the car before the kids g...
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Lina's Story

Jennie's Story

For much of her life, Jennie Galindo has been on the move, running away from one thing or another. As a teenager, Galindo looked for ways to escape the sexual abuse she says she suffered at the hands of a close relative, years of assault compounded by the pain of not being believed once she told someone. She thought she found it in drugs and partying. She ended up with an addiction to methamphetamine that she fought off and on for 20 years. Her relationships with men have been rocky. She gave...
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