HomeAid Orange County

The Year Santa Came to Your House

by Carrie Buck, Director of H.I.S. House

November 24, 2017

You remember like it was yesterday - we all do. That year that Santa came to your house. Well he came every year, right? The year you hopped from bed with the sunrise and tore back the wrapping paper to find the number 1 gift on your list. The ONE item that you wished and dreamed about for months. On Christmas morning you woke up and there it was, all yours, forever. That sealed it right there and then. Santa was not only real but you realized, I AM a good kid. You have never forgotten.

H.I.S. House is proud to have served Orange County now for over 27 years, assisting over 2,200 families and individuals of all ages with the help and support of the local community of Placentia, California. Many children pass through our homes during the holiday season, all of them living a turbulent existence for the moment.

One of the most important things we can do is help these children maintain a sense of normalcy and enforce their sense of self-worth. With a little help we turn lives around from the inside out, giving families an outlook of belonging and importance. Your gifts during the holiday season are a powerful cultural and emotional self-evaluation for a young school-aged child and, of course to a deeper degree, for teenagers. It’s with your help that we are able to fill that need and we look forward to your continued support.

The joys and innocence of childhood are a priority at H.I.S. House. With that comes the challenge and pleasure of creating a memorable Christmas for our residents not because of the circumstances their parents have found themselves in this year, but because they are special, deserving of our love and assistance, and… they ARE Good.


Today is Black Friday, are you out shopping? Why not pick-up an extra gift for a child, mother, or father and donate it to HomeAid OC?


HomeAid has been ending homelessness with H.I.S. House since 1992, through the development of two homes, including an energy upgrade that added 40 beds for homeless families. H.I.S. House programs are also recipients of the HomeAid Essentials campaign and HomeAid’s Community Outreach activities.