HomeAid Orange County

The Simple Orange Bag

by Gina Scott, Director of Community Engagement, HomeAid OC

November 28, 2017

Homelessness is a complex issue and the stigma surrounding it is even more multifaceted. How do I know the person standing on the corner is really homeless? What if they are just scamming me? Or worse, what if I give them money and it supports a bad habit?

These are questions we get asked almost daily and the answer for me is quite simple.

I try to not judge others, because I have no idea what their story is or about the journey they have been on that caused them to become homeless. The only thing I know for certain is this…human kindness and understanding comes at no cost to the giver and it’s a personal choice we make when interacting with our community.

It’s difficult to skip the fast judgment because of the way someone looks or smells and letting our minds wonder about what bad choices they must have made that caused them to become homeless. I encourage you to put those thoughts aside and carry a HomeAid CareKit in your car to share with someone in need.

HomeAid CareKits are filled with essential items you and I take for granted every day. Water, socks, a toothbrush, soap and food are necessities we don’t worry about, but imagine you were homeless? This simple orange bag is a gesture of human kindness, shared with a smile. Once you have a CareKit in your hand, I promise you will see someone in need.

It’s as if this orange bag helps our invisible neighbors become visible again.


How Do I Begin?

Pick-up a CareKit at the HomeAid office and keep it in your car.

Organize a collection drive at your office, school, at your place of worship or in your neighborhood to help keep them filled. Sign up here: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eve...

Support HomeAid’s efforts financially by visiting GoFundMe.com/HomeAidOC. $5 buys one CareKit that could end someone’s homelessness today.