HomeAid Orange County

Rebuilding Families

November 18, 2018

As a parent, you are constantly worrying about how to protect and provide for your children, often putting their life and needs above your own. All you want is the best for them. But what if you were struggling to meet even the most basic needs for your family? This is the disposition of families who are experiencing homelessness.

Every year, thousands of families experience homelessness in Orange County and their first question is, “Where will my children and I go?” To help answer that question, HomeAid Orange County opened the Family CareCenter in 2017. As an emergency shelter, the Family CareCenter is the first step in the continuum of care to end homelessness.

The Family CareCenter serves over 120 families annually, supporting families who want to get back on their feet - parents striving to provide for their children. For the Galindo family, and many other families, the CareCenter has been the stepping stone to rebuilding their lives.

After years of moving from place to place, with nowhere to truly call “home,” Jennie Galindo and her boys came to the Family CareCenter when it first opened. After staying 44 days, the Galindo family is now living in their own apartment and Jennie has become a staff member at the Family CareCenter. To learn more about Jennie’s successful journey to ending homelessness for her family, you can read the article in the Orange County Register by Theresa Walker.