HomeAid Orange County

Advocacy Ending Homelessness Through Advocacy

HomeAid has Three Core Values:

  • First, every individual has worth and human dignity and deserves the basic provision of shelter as a necessity for life.
  • Second, most homeless people do not want to be homeless and will respond with self-initiative to improve themselves given the opportunity.
  • Third, we as citizens of this nation, have a civic and moral responsibility to better the lives of others by sharing with others the gifts and talents we each possess.

With these core values and beliefs, HomeAid is involved through various forms of advocacy to end homelessness in Orange County. This includes not only raising the awareness of the issue that homelessness is a reality in this community and the development and sustaining of shelters throughout the county but also HomeAid that be actively involved in the County's Commission to End Homelessness through the implementation of a 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness.

There are several key areas that you can be involved with HomeAid in its role as an advocate for the homeless in the community. Here is a list of quick and easy ways you can help.

#1 Understand who the homeless are
#2 Educate yourself about the homeless
#3 Respect the homeless
#4 Respond with kindness
#5 Recognize that the homeless are not all the same
#6 Carry a resource list of OC shelters
#7 Be prepared
#8 Bring food
#9 Give money
#10 Donate clothing
#11 Donate groceries
#12 Conduct an essentials drive
#13 Donate toys
#14 Stock up
#15 Sign up your company
#16 Volunteer at a HomeAid OC shelter
#17 Volunteer your professional services
#18 Volunteer your hobbies
#19 Volunteer for ongoing programs
#20 Tutor homeless children
#21 Teach about the homeless
#22 Be an advocate
#23 Educate your children about the homes
#24 Recruit local business
#25 Create lists of needed donation
#26 Employ the homeless
#27 Help the homeless apply for aid
#28 Be involved locally
#29 Contact your government representative
#30 Support HomeAid OC

HomeAid’s Leadership Role in Advocacy

In 2014, HomeAid Orange County took on a larger leadership role in advocating for the Homeless within Orange County when the Commission to End Homelessness appointed Scott Larson, Executive Director for HomeAid Orange County as Chair and welcomed Bill Balfour with Bank of America and HomeAid's Board Chair to the Commission (appointed by the Orange County Business Council). The Commission provides oversight and accountability for the implementation of the Orange County Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness to ensure the goals and strategies set forth in the plan are achieved.

To become involved with HomeAid’s advocacy efforts, please contact Penny Scholey at penny@homeaidoc.org.