Here are ways you can get involved:

Service Opportunities

HomeAid’s ability to bring the community together to provide a basic need like housing continues to help homeless families and individuals rebuild their lives. HomeAid has leveraged this ability to expand direct services to the community through the following outreach programs: HomeAid Cares, Essentials and CareKits. These were initiated to provide basic needs beyond shelter to more than 4,000 homeless men, women and children.

HomeAid Cares

Following the same model as HomeAid’s Housing Development program, HomeAid continues to support community partners by returning to completed housing developments to conduct maintenance projects that connect volunteers to service opportunities. Contact Gina Scott ( for HomeAid Care opportunities here.

HomeAid Essentials

Families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population and they struggle to provide essential items for their children from diapers to food and often having to choose between one or the other. On average, a family needs 3,000 diapers a year for one child and adding in other costs, such as wipes and hygiene items makes this an annual cost of over $1,000 a year. HomeAid’s ability to work in partnerships with volunteers makes the Essentials campaign a perfect program to support the clients living in the very shelters that HomeAid developed and through its growth, also support other agencies that are serving homeless families. Conducted annually in early May and ending on Mother’s Day, HomeAid Essentials is a community effort to collect essential items such as diapers, wipes and food for homeless children and their families. These items are delivered to HomeAid community partners who provide services to over 400 babies annually. Learn more here and sign-up to conduct your own drive to help homeless babies

HomeAid CareKits

Build a CareKit or Buy a CareKit and reach out to the homeless by providing those living on the streets with “HomeAid CareKits” that include items such as water, vitamins, energy bar, toothbrush, toothpaste, hygiene items and a resource card that provides services throughout the county. Your donation of $5 will provide a CareKit to someone who is homeless. To learn more about how you can plan a CareKit Assembly Day, please contact Gina Scott (

Volunteer to End Homelessness

Build CareKits. Host an Essential drive location. Phone bank. There are many ways to help. Please fill in your information and we will contact you regarding volunteer opportunities. Please email Gina Scott (

Year-Round Internship Program

HomeAid Orange County invites exceptional undergraduate and graduate students to participate in its year-round internship program designed to introduce young leaders to the mission of HomeAid Orange County. HomeAid’s internship program provides students with hands-on work experience and involves them in projects critical to the day-to-day work of the organization.

HomeAid Orange County offers this unpaid Internship Program to afford students the opportunity to:

  • Gain professional experience and exposure to critical issues pertaining to the non-profit sector.
  • Develop a comprehensive perspective on HomeAid Orange County’s mission to end homelessness.
  • Receive personal and professional development opportunities, including a professional reference for future employment.

Current Internship Opportunities

Review the internship openings below. To apply, please submit cover letter and resume to Please title subject as Internship Application – "title of internship position."


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